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Tailoring services office uniform - Beyond Measure garment Uniform

Tailoring services office uniform - Uniform Take Place May Measure

Beauty as silk , good rice for distribution!

A pleasant shirt mold, a flattering pants must have one of us also wish to have in your wardrobe a lot of costumes such as human nature is everyone wants their beautiful and striking”“WEARING YOUR MEALS FOR LONGER”.

Tailor clothes too familiar with each capital we humans, This service has had since time immemorial that our forefathers handing back.

Uniform detector KimFashion

Uniform detector KimFashion

Ancient tools to tailor 1 shirt just 1 wooden ruler invention, 1 Department pastels, 1 sewing machine rudimentary cry “Kot stuck” and skein yarn, just like that but with the dexterous hands of the tailor was enough to create the most discerning customers plan 1 the pleasant.

10 years ago almost all the clothes are tailor made goods available for not much but now only some sort of costume tailoring as:

  1. Tailored shirts offices.
  2. Tailoring trousers office.
  3. Measure Condition.
  4. Tailored vest.

Đều là những trang phục cơ bản để đi làm hằng ngày đi tiếp khách hội nghị.

The survival of the Uniform tailoring services

Tailoring services KimFashion

Tailoring services KimFashion

Today trade forms easily, branded imported into our country so easily with widespread Internet only 1 the handset also brings us to the World so demand Dressed, Stylish, personality style is the young stranger choose costumes sewed according to size available.

But perhaps tailor individual services still not forgotten how to walk, it is inherently ingrained in our Vietnamese people, only in Vietnam, these restaurants, the small tailor shop still springing up to serve the needs of customers rising.

Technology Work uniform tailoring now is the largest company and brand used for all employees, use tailoring services a lot of advantages that discerning customers always recognize such:

  1. Medical mold just follow their own form.
  2. Flattering crown to be the outstanding beauty of his body.
  3. Cups crisp neat spend each needle.
  4. Selection color design your own liking.

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May Measure Uniforms: Or join needle!

To sew up 1 roducts pleasant wearer tailors genuine measure to skilled birth, especially to very skillful to handle exquisite detail but basically at least must have at least 5 Experience before you can confidently measure dare wear sewing for other people to.

Follow the process tailoring uniforms, the technician measure – cut – may directly 1 people to avoid mistakes and to take over the steps as :

  • Consulted before the measure deals: – likes to wear wide – Slim likes to wear - people just like to wear.
  • prefer: short hand, long arm or arms missing.
  • Prefer to leave: border or boundary at many ...

“Diversified” because sewing is profession “Everybody's servant”.

Technology Work uniform tailoring must ghi chú thật kỹ trước khi cắt ra thành phẩm.

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Calloused hands needles BECAUSE ONLY!

Another important thing of tailoring services office uniform each person is to meticulously to cut one centimeter a smart garment to fit!

Process tailoring uniforms are summarized as follows:

  1. Make a list of each department, notes full name to avoid confusion.
  2. Print the list brought before measurement of each department.
  3. Details on the measure to the full content, Details indispensable as: necklace, Within armpit, long sleeve, bracelet, bust, shoulder length, waist, waist circumference, round butt, length pants, length coat, arm, Sleeveless, pants .....

It is extremely hydrophobic is absolutely not a measurement error or to lack of detail on both body Customers!

After finishing measurement conducted Arabic newspaper cutting each package separately, the difficulty of tailoring uniforms từng người đó là mỗi cơ thể con người đều khác nhau không như những cô gái người mẫu cho nên phải cắt từng người một giao cho thợ may ráp thành phẩm tránh nhầm lẫn tay Người A ráp cho thân Khách B.

Tailoring services office uniform In KimFashion

Majority tailoring services office uniform is tailor sew small retail establishments receive less for each guest number one. And the company has the scale as Thời trang đồng phục cao cấp KimFashion there must be a full department dedicated.

Specializing in measuring and cutting techniques each: 5 who undertake each different department each stage.

Head sewing: 10 people assigned for garment workers finished product from the first stage until the finished packaged product at that time new name and garments to other product.

All workers serving Work uniform tailoring in KimFashion must have experience and be passionate enthusiasm for the new vocational confident enough to give customers the absolute quality products, uniform tailoring services dedicated to worthy customers value for money spent.

You get in touch with us to get the product as standard with your interests ,Please assigned full responsibility to highlight body, flattering for our customers .
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A Model Number At Work uniform KimFashion

KimFashion specialized senior uniform fashion. KimFashion confident designs, uniform fashion design new high, beautiful than the current market. Fashionable uniforms with senior staff KimFashion dynamic, friendly ready to serve you 24/7 to bring satisfaction 100% from customers.

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Double Word From CEO KimFashion


Along with the core values ​​ingrained in our subconscious determination to create high-end products, meticulous, delicate with 1 service uniforms most special.

With the expectation that the industry brand leader in products and services for the implementation of this feature I believe that the need to invest in our people and the development of their individual. Provide shared experiences, art and need the right tools for success.

And we must also continually invest in technology and updated machinery and the latest fashion trends each day. Innovation capability upgrade service, process plant operations and in the products of our.

With 1 separate culture unique partnership groups talent providers will also expect to contribute at many levels. We know that will be able to achieve the goals and vision of the current KimFashion.

We welcome the comments of the Customer feedback so please contact us at the email address: [email protected]

You get in touch with us to get the product as standard with your interests ,Please assigned full responsibility to highlight body, flattering for our customers .

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